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You can make an appointment with a doctor or nurse by seeing or telephoning one of our reception staff when the surgery is open, or via our online system. We have three types of appointments, (see below) and our reception staff will help you to decide which one you need on any particular occasion. Our routine and quick access appointments are booked at 10 minute intervals.

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Routine appointments
A routine appointment gives you choice over which doctor you see and when (within normal surgery times for that doctor). Because of this, you may have to wait for sometime to get a appointment at your convenience; in particular, early morning and after 5pm appointments tend to get booked-up quickly. Routine appointments are intended for situations such as most review consultations (eg repeat medication review, contraceptive pill review, long-term illness review etc). If you have a significant / urgent new problem (see below) we will probably want to see you quickly and this type of appointment may not be appropriate. Our practice policy is to fit all children under 5 into a surgery on the same day.

Urgent appointments
If you have a problem which you feel needs attention quickly, we are happy for you to ask for an Urgent Appointment. Examples of situations where we would want you to do this include, if you think you have an infection anywhere (eg chest or eye, ear or throat infection, water infection, skin infection etc) or if you have a new onset pain, or if you have been unwell in some other way, or are a woman in need of emergency contraception. In these situations, we not want you to wait for long and we would want you to ask for an emergency appointment. You will be given a time to come at the end of that morning or evening surgery (though you may need to wait to be seen).

Because these are emergency appointments (and we have to see everyone who needs to be seen on that day) you will be allocated whichever doctor is available and you will need to come at the time you are given (please do not try and negotiate this with the receptionist). Although on busy days you may have to wait for a while, we will always see you. Please note that an emergency appointment must take priority over work issues (discuss with your employer).

Nurse Triage
During some busy surgeries, you may be given a Nurse Triage appointment for an urgent problem.

Serious Emergencies
If you have a serious emergency eg any chest pain, sudden shortness of breath or difficulty breathing or possible meningitis call 999 to request an ambulance immediately. Then call the surgery and ask the receptionist to put you through to the doctor on-call for the day so you can explain the circumstances. If you are not sure but think you may have a serious emergency, explain to the receptionist and she will put you through to speak to the doctor immediately. If you have had an accident or if you may have a fracture, you should go to the Casualty Department at the Queen’s Medical Centre.

Telephone Advice
The receptionist will be able to help you with most everyday requests. However, If you need advice directly from the doctor, telephone the receptionist who will take some details, log your request and take your telephone number (as a precaution).

Staff will then ask you to phone back at a time when the doctor may be free.

These times are usually:-
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays 12.00pm to 1.00pm. Thursdays 12.00 to 12.30

18.00 to 18.30pm

Thursdays Half day closed from 12.30

Please note that as surgeries get busier, the doctors may still be consulting so you may need to try a few times; (if they are still in surgery, they will try and call you though this may be late in the day). If you think you have an emergency, you should ask to speak to the doctor-on-call straight away (see above).

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Apple Tree Medical Practice
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NG14 5EA
Tel: 0115 931 2929

NG14 5EA
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